The men’s water polo team Spartans obtained two awards

There are many opinions that one university cannot professionally train athletes of various broad profiles and evenly pay attention to different sports. But San José State University is an exception to the rule, and every season student-athletes prove it. Once again the men’s water polo team achieved incredible results and the best men were rewarded.

The Conference allows swimmers to develop

The Golden Coast Conference is a sports conference that includes various members of university associations. They compete with each other every year. Such a congress has chosen to sponsor water polo. It is noteworthy that initially only women’s teams were participants in the congress competitions, but in 2017 the Conference decided to introduce the men’s water polo division into the category of competitions.

Award given to San José Spartans

Conference winners receive the highest awards. Our water polo athletes Spartans received such titles in 2021. San José State University goalkeeper Fire was the first medalist, and assistant player Purdy was the second. Who chose them? Winners are selected annually by an independent panel of six coaches from the Golden Coast Conference, which thoroughly evaluates all performances of athletes in the season’s competitions.

Yahav Fire proved himself worthy of the honors

Goalkeeper Fire was selected as the best water polo goalkeeper among the team members. In the overall ranking of goalkeepers in the country in the field of collegiate competitions, he is in the top 3 in saves in matches, with a figure that is close to 11. Yahav was able to do the work of three players on his own, having stood all competitions confidently. The Board of the Golden Coast Congress made a choice in his favor, seeing in him not only a brilliant job, but also a huge potential in water polo.

Bende Pardi also received the attention of the Board of the Conference

Bende officially became the third San José State University graduate to reach 50 in total goals scored in a single water polo season. Such achievements do not go unnoticed. It is for this reason that the Golden Coast Conference decided to pay attention to this athlete and make a choice in his favor.

Future prospects for honored San José Spartans

After receiving the award, Spartans Fire and Pardi managed to play another game in mid-November 2021, in which they once again proved that the Board made a good choice. Having won this match, the team went straight to the semi-finals, where next season they will fight against an opponent from another university. 2022 promises to be an eventful year, and let’s hope that this season’s rewards will not be the last for the champions. One thing is for sure, the Congress doesn’t give out awards just like that, so in the future we will hear more names like Fire and Purdy.