In the 2021 sports season, the Spartans received well-deserved awards

One of the highest marks for the achievement of any athlete is receiving appropriate awards for his athletic performance. San José State University students fully agree with this statement. And now, at the end of the 2021 sports season, some of the pupils can boast of honors in their arsenal.

Volleyball works wonders at the University

It was volleyball that became the sport that helped San José students achieve such heights. The All-Mountain West award is one of the most sought-after athletes on college teams. Four girls could not even imagine when they entered the ranks of the Spartans that after some time they would receive such a high level award. Having chosen a sports path in volleyball for themselves, they made the right step towards meeting their future career as champions. In 2021, all their efforts were appreciated and the athletes received their awards and recognition.

Why All-Mountain West is so important for athletes

Mountain West is an annual sports season, which is attended by many teams of different sports from different universities. This competition season started and was successfully completed in 2021. Moreover, at the end of the year, the best athletes are selected every time, whose names are forever included in the history of university sports. Such an award means a lot in shaping the future career of professional athletes.

Achievements of the San José Spartans in 2021

For the Spartans, the 2021 season has been named the best season in the history of the All-Mountain West Conference. San Jose State boasts four female volleyball players who have won top honors this year. Three of the four winners were nominated to the conference teams for coaching positions. Moreover, a remarkable fact is that the Spartans are not the first team of such a high level. This demonstrates a high level of preparation and ambition. In total, for four volleyball players, this is a third of the award in the arsenal of each of them, but they are nominated for the first time as Spartans.
San José State University had a phenomenal season as they finished with a 13-5 aggregate record, the highest number of wins they have had since entering the conference back in 2012. The university has ranked in the Top 3 in the All-Mountain West Conference every year.

University represented by the best volleyball players

Volleyball players who received awards deservedly received them. All four girls were able to set new records in 2021, bringing their university to a new level in the sports arena. Their statistics for the current season is amazing: incredible numbers, which were not easy to achieve. As always, the rule about the need for great efforts and ambitions works, and in the presence of such, nothing is impossible.