Newcomers set to take the San José State University baseball team to the next level

Sanfilippo, head coach of the baseball crew, has finally announced that the athletes will start the 2022 season with newcomers, whom he carefully selected and has already begun to coach. The coach expressed hope that these newcomers will help the San Jose university crew to reach an advanced level, as the baseball Spartans were chosen for the best qualities and excellent performance.

Why the San Jose baseball team needed new strength

The San Jose baseball head coach said that in the 2020 season, the team slowed down a bit and the athletes were tired. Therefore, leaders began to look for ways to remedy the situation. In the following season, a decision was made on the need for transfers and hiring advanced team members. As a result of the work done, Sanfilippo said that the crew was completely fed up with fresh players and satisfied their needs for strength. Newcomers are extremely motivated and ready to work.

What experts and athletes say about this decision

At the training camp of the San Jose crew, all its members supported the head coach’s idea of ​​infusing added forces, because the baseball players themselves understood that there were shortcomings in the work of the team. The Human Resources Coordinator was honored to work with the head coach in the selection of athletes. Separate motivation programs were formed to attract new talents to the crew, using all the knowledge and experience of experts. At the moment, when the training with the added line-up is already in full swing, the head coach remains completely satisfied with his decision and does not regret attracting newcomers. An entire class of freshmen has been brought together to meet the needs of the crew, and even now baseball players are showing incredible results. And longtime members of the team are very comfortable working with newcomers and they themselves feel a surge of new strength.

Hiring new athletes brings confidence for the upcoming season

The head coach and personnel manager can no longer wait to enter the field in a new line-up. They have been training hard since the end of the 2021 season and hope that such efforts will bear fruit. Newcomers, combined with our players, bring a lot of optimism and faith in future victories. Notable is the fact that the largest number of newcomers come from California, about 70%. Arizona and Washington also sent their pupils into the ranks of the Spartans. In total, 20 added full strength baseball players have already started their work, and the coaches are quite satisfied. Moreover, the players themselves were very comfortable playing with each other and they immediately worked together. There are thoughts that the rivals should be afraid of the San Jose Spartans in the 2022 season, because they are full of strength and energy and are going to win.