Summed up the results of the 2020 women’s volleyball season and awarded the best

One cannot but agree that for any athlete the most striking assessment of his work is the first place in the overall ratings of merit and the long-awaited awards and glory. Female volleyball players Spartans have made great efforts to finally get the attention of experts in 2020. Thus, this particular year became special for them, and also brought several more professionals to the world of titled athletes.

Another achievement on the San Jose Spartans roster

2020 has been both challenging and incredible for San José State University athletes, especially the women’s volleyball team. Ever since 2015, female volleyball players have made every effort to achieve success and fame. And it seems that in the completed season they succeeded. The Spartans’ volleyball season has been one of the best in recent sports history.

Andrea Unh became the first title holder

At the end of 2020, Un was awarded the title of the best basketball player of the last month according to Mountain West October. This is not the first award for the athlete, she has already been in the Top 5 three times in the overall result. The most striking for her was the last match, when the girl scored 12 goals. A few days earlier, Andrea also performed well in the arena, bringing her team 9 points in the inter-university tournament – then Un entered the Top 3 at the end of the meeting. Such outstanding achievements were the reason why Mountain West October chose Andrea in the nomination.

Women’s Volleyball Defensive Player of the Season – Sarah Smevog

At the end of the 2020 season, the San José State University women’s volleyball team’s top defenseman, Sarah Smevog, was finally selected. She received such a title to a large extent for her brilliant game and tactics, which she demonstrated in mid-September in a match against opponents from another university.
Sarah opened the scoring for the Spartans by scoring two goals, and also thanks to her efforts, the team was able to defeat the defending champion Mountain West. Thus, the Spartans team went to a total score of 9-5, thus sharing the first place in the overall ranking of Mountain West. For such brilliant efforts, it was Sarah who was chosen for the title of the best defender of the season, which brought another achievement to the San José State University piggy bank.

Spartan University’s Rankings Climb Higher

With each title that has been awarded to the athletes of the women’s volleyball team, the level of San José State University has grown more and more. Thus, volleyball players received in their arsenal such an award that can help them build an excellent sports career in the future. Moreover, thanks to such titles, girls increase the rating of their university in the international sports arena.