(ISSSSC) The specific focus of the panel discussion was to explore the misconceptions and
misunderstandings that unknowingly characterize relationships between the media and athletes of
diverse backgrounds. In the absence of real dialogue between the two groups, stereotypes and
misrepresentations are instilled and normalized by the sports media. The goal of this discussion was to
expose and explode the myths cloaking athletes and those who report on them.

ISSSSC and BABJA were excited to present this panel that took a look at difficult issues from an
important perspective.

Panelists Include:

  • Harry Edwards
  • Talia Caldwell
  • Jason Jones
  • Marc J. Spears
  • Derrick Deese
  • Junior Bryant
  • Marcus Thompson
  • Scott Ostler
  •  Janny Hu
  • Ann Killion

Moderated By: Kevin Lynch